An introduction to the Cash Flow Quadrant For Business Owners

What is your business doing with its cash flow?

Years ago, when I spent most of my time working with entrepreneurs to help them secure financing so they could turn their companies around, I needed a quick way to understand their financial and operational status.

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  • dylan’s updates May 17 2022
    [1:15] Cash Flow Quadrant for Business Owners [3:46] Managing personal burn rate [5:26] Planning cash for our busy season [6:56] On demand labour platform update Market News [13:19] Layoffs and more jobs than ever are available [15:54] US to raise rates to force inflation down [19:09] Money doesn’t disappear – it moves Tweets [21:57] Wishful … Continue reading dylan’s updates May 17 2022
  • dylan’s updates May 10 2022
    [00:58] Working on measured growth opportunities[4:02] Managing tight cash flow[7:21] Creating versus managing value Market News [9:29] Inflation is real and silent[14:03] Crypto is unraveling[19:24] Labour unionization strategy for Starbucks Tweets [24:52] Your business is not (most times) an ATM machine[27:55] Use this time to build skills, solve problems[30:54] Conflict delayed is conflict multiplied Follow … Continue reading dylan’s updates May 10 2022
  • dylan’s updates May 3 2022
    [1:44] Real estate deal update[3:42] On demand labour update[6:52] Because of COVID we are lean and now need to grow Market News [8:38] Elon Musk / Twitter[11:13] Amazon Netflix 1 month charts[14:34] Unionization for Starbucks and Amazon Tweets [18:24] The further you are from the last bottom…[21:06] There is no way around it – every … Continue reading dylan’s updates May 3 2022

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