OndeWork.com – follow my start-up journey!

OndeWork.com is an idea on what the future of work could look like. Workers and companies trying each other on a temporary basis until a permanent decision is made. Companies can instantly hire workers for 1 to 5 day jobs.

  • Nov 21 Update
    Onde Team –  We crossed a milestone this week having seen shift number 300 being completed by OndeWorkers! It took 9 months to achieve and as with any start-up, the next 300 should take less than that. It should be noted that we really only began working in a focused direction since the beginning of … Continue reading Nov 21 Update
  • Nov 14 Update
    Onde team – I missed sending out an update for last week as it was a strange week of making adjustments and writing code to assist with our job owner marketing strategy. I am pleased to report that we have provided companies with the ability to create a profile and immediately see the available OndeWorkers … Continue reading Nov 14 Update
  • Oct 31 Update
    Onde Team – This past week was officially the transition to winter with all of the snow we have received! I imagine this will have an impact on the types of workers and job owners that will be interested in using our platform. I think we should consider moving to warehouse and cleaning jobs outside … Continue reading Oct 31 Update

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