Things Thursday – it all points to one thing


Between the US government shutting down and BlackBerry selling off its real estate things this week seem to point one direction – planning (or lack there of).  When we observe really great companies it’s hard to argue that they “just wing it”.  Planning ahead is clearly something they consider and anticipate as they move forward each day.  When we meet with people and businesses to discuss a mortgage or loan they are considering the same theme is at work and generally speaking there are two distinct groups of requests:

1.  We need money and have no plan (this is not how they would say it)

2.  We would like to use money to facilitate our plan

Obviously these are two ends of a spectrum however take a moment to consider where you or your business is on this spectrum if you are currently considering a mortgage or loan.  Money is a tool is the hands of the right person otherwise a person becomes a tool in the hands of money.  This is not semantics or a fancy wordsmith – it’s the truth.  You can control how you use money or money will control how you are used.

Planning is the key.  Even if your plan fails or is wrong not having one means you have no way to know what is working and not working.  Whether you are seeking a mortgage and expect to have it for 25 years or you are seeking a loan for your business and hope to pay it off in 7 years each decision to borrow money should be planned first with the goal of knowing how you will repay it.

“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.”  ― (can you guess who said this?)

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