Small business doesn’t have to be big [VIDEO]

This video (click here) was a great reminder that small businesses are unique and each fill a small void in the marketplace that when earnestly worked can produce something amazing.  It is refreshing to see each of the business owners in the video hold so much enthusiasm for what they are doing even though their businesses are not big.  Their businesses are personal and in their own way are adding value to the market.

Sometimes a business can get lost in the details.  In my experience, entrepreneurs constantly need to vision cast for the future but also understand how to properly manage what they have.  There is a very fine line between stretching yourself too far and not allowing yourself to be stretched.  Living in that tension can produce some amazing results.

Having owned Bridge Capital since 2001 not only have I witnessed this tension in the clients we have helped but also have first hand experience with how over extending can cause great pain but that pain can also create new ideas and value that was untapped and inaccessible.  Being a business owner and entrepreneur is a great privilege and rewards those who are most prepared.

“Chance favors the prepared mind.” – Louis Pasteur

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