$50,000 could be available for your business


Many small businesses have a hard time with technology.  A hard time understanding what technology they should be using as well as a hard time staying up to date on the changes happening in the marketplace with technology that could be helping their business do more.  Believe it or not the Government of Canada has a technology financing program that your business may be able to benefit from.

Your business may be missing out on technology because your business can’t afford to fund the improvements it needs.  To help, your business may be able to access up to $50,000 for any of the following reasons with an easy application process:

1. Hardware (servers, network, telephony, computers and accessories)
2. Software (ERP, CRM, human resources, supply chain, finance and accounting)
3. Consulting services (IT planning, strategy, security, online sales, Internet marketing and social media)

Most companies pay for hardware and software costs through leases, credit cards or cash that reduces their working capital.  Accessing money that is being made available from the Government of Canada may be an easy and cheaper option for your business to consider without impacting your cash resources.

If you have a good credit score and are a Canadian resident that has owned and operated a business for more than 24 months, you may be eligible.  There is a little bit of math that is used to determine the eligibility of your business which you can see by using our online tool – click here.  We can also help you put together a package that can be used to present your loan request to a bank for funding.

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” – George Bernard Shaw

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