Fringe bankers. A new term I may use again (and again)


Matt Horne, Founder and CEO of DECO Windshields chatted with me yesterday in a Google Hangout about all things business finance.  Matt has built a company that generates over $5,000,000 in revenue and had lots to say about money, business and the learning curve that he has had to go on to keep the doors open while dealing with massive growth.  He used a term – “fringe bankers” – to refer to capital groups in the market that have been able to help DECO with their cash needs.  I like the term and think I will be adding it to my vocabulary.

You can watch our entire Google Hangout (and hear the definition of “fringe bankers) here:

Matt gives some great advice for business owners to consider and also shares some well developed opinions about banks and the lending environment in general.  Even though Matt has had to endure much frustration in dealing with the capital side of his business he does a great job of making well placed comments about his experiences to date and realizes at the end of the day he is responsible for the decisions made and he takes that very seriously.

Matt shares the following quote that neatly summarizes his experiences to date:

“If you think hiring a professional is expensive, try hiring an amateur.” ―  Red Adair

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