Being sued, customer service wins and know your business

In this week’s podcast Dylan talks about a friend of his that was sued and was able to turn the tables around and how customers service was the key to winning. Turns out customer service matters for software as well and don’t forget that knowing your business model can save you money.

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2 thoughts on “Being sued, customer service wins and know your business

  1. Dylan,

    I enjoyed this podcast very much. I prefer podcasts, because of the convince to listen while I’m driving or doing my arobics.

    How often do you do podcasts? Can I get them sent to me via email? Are the podcast contents the same as the blog contents?


    1. Dylan Gallagher – Calgary, Alberta, Canada – As the Founder of Bridge Capital and, Dylan helps entrepreneurs fix, fund and grow their businesses. With decades of technology, banking and investing experience that began in real estate construction and development, Dylan has been helping entrepreneurs solve problems and take advantage of opportunities. Specializing in difficult and challenging circumstances, Dylan is able to help entrepreneurs capitalize on time-sensitive and complex situations that require creativity.
      Dylan says:

      Terry – thanks for the comment. I podcast once a week and you can click here for more:

      The podcast will many times reflect some things I may be blogging about as well. Let me know if you listen to some others that you can find on this blog as well under the category of “Podcasts”

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