Little Caesars leverages DoorDash to win marketshare

As an entrepreneur you can’t be good at everything. Depending on where your business is in its lifecycle, your business probably isn’t good at everything either. There are times when both an entrepreneur and a business need to outsource jobs tasks that could be done better (and more affordably) by third parties. Every task has a cost and that ultimately impacts the experience your business provides its customers. Knowing how you and your business could benefit from strategic relationships could improve your business significantly.

Ahead of Super Bowl, Little Caesars is looking to let its customers know that they have entered into a relationship with DoorDash who will now be delivering their pizzas. While outsourcing delivery isn’t necessarily news in and of itself, the announcement provides some marketing leverage for Little Caesars who competes against Dominos who does not outsource delivery to a name brand like DoorDash. In looking for competitive advantages, Little Caesars is hoping that their partnership with DoorDash will improve the experience their customers have while ordering pizza as Little Caesars has not had a delivery service historically. The delivery service is only available through the Little Caesar app which should increase the use of their app and make it easier for customers to get the pizza they want. Because DoorDash has existing technology that manages their drivers and deliveries, Little Caesars is able to connect directly to DoorDash and provide customers with a single place to conduct their transaction.

Take a minute now to think about the weakest link in your business. Is there an opportunity to outsource that weakness to a third party that specializes in it? You may be reluctant to make a decision based on cost but keep in mind that doing something you or your business is not good at ends up costing more in time and missed opportunity. The best leverage your business has is to focus on the tasks that it is great at and outsource the tasks that it is not. Until such time as your business has the time, resources and expertise to shore up its weaknesses in-house, consider using a third party. You may be surprised by the results.

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