Zig when others zag

Timing is everything in business. It takes courage and conviction to make a decision that appears to be against the grain of conventional thinking. Some of the best businesses were built or saw a significant increase in value when an entrepreneur saw gold in what others saw as garbage. Taking advantage of opportunity when no ones else does often times means having a strong conviction based on experience that the time is act is now.

Simon Property Group is a commercial real estate investment trust and the largest shopping mall operator in the US. They have recently announced that they are trying to purchase Forever 21 out of bankruptcy and are looking to acquire their competitor, Taubman, for $3.6 billion. It’s no secret that retail is going through a negative moment in the market right now with many companies struggling to figure out how to sell offline and online. Simon Property Group believes that there are many good deals to be doing that over time will pay off handsomely. By continuing to focus on top-tier shopping malls that are better performers compared to lower tier malls, their balance sheet will benefit from these investments and strengthen their leadership position in the market.

What trends are taking place in your market right now? Are there negatives issues or challenges facing your market that may be an opportunity for your business to take advantage of? Fear can be one of the reasons that you may decide not to make a move into an opportunity, but your knowledge and experience should be able to help you make a well thought out investment. If you don’t have the knowledge and experience then hold off. If you do have the knowledge and experience then find a way to lean and make a decision that could change the future of your business.

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