How keeping things simple can help your sales.

There isn’t always time for a plan. You don’t always have the energy or the motivation to gather the smartest people you have access to and ask them for help. As an entrepreneur there are days when you need small wins to put wind back in your sail. There are days when you can see that maybe things are more complicated than they need to be and simplicity might be a welcomed change that your business can benefit from.

In the ever-so-fierce streaming wars between Netflix, Amazon, Disney and others, Netflix has been able to execute on a simple marketing strategy that has added hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Making it seem simple, Netflix has engaged in a strategy of putting out a massive amount of original content and by sheer force, has become a “go to” option for individuals seeking entertainment. In an extremely competitive market, Netflix has been able to achieve an increase to their subscriber base of more than 27% in a single year. They seem to have one goal which is to put out more original content than anyone else. By being the largest creator of content, Netflix is simply flooding the market and winning viewership through simple statistics.

Keeping your strategies simple is the best way to ensure you can execute and reach your goals. As an entrepreneur looking for traction, you might find that revisiting the current efforts your business is using to get results may highlight where processes or tactics are too complicated. Complication may seem good in theory but in practise can be unnecessary and a waste of time and resources. What could you simplify in your business today that is guaranteed to get you better results?

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