Eventually something connects

You may have tried something once, twice or even three times without seeing the success you were hoping for. Feeling defeated you may have walked away and decided to focus on something else. Being an entrepreneur and having a business means trying things that may or may not work. The key is having the conviction or the vision to keep trying because eventually something connects.

Breakfast. Three attempts. Three decades. Three failures. Wendy’s has been unsuccessful at launching a national breakfast program across its franchise restaurants. The reasons are as varied as lessons and now Wendy’s is going to try again. They are prepared to run at a loss for the next year while they launch their new breakfast program which they believe will pay off in the long run. From coffee, to egg rings Wendy’s believes they have it right this time.

When was the last time you tried something in your business that didn’t work as planned? If you have never tired something different then maybe you are leaving opportunities undiscovered. If you have tried something different – did it work? Did you keep trying? You are either investing in the future or living off of the results of the past. Not trying new things is an indicator that you may be hanging on to your glory years which won’t be repeated if you don’t achieve new goals. Achieving new goals and strengthening your business will boost your profits which requires never giving up on your ideas and convictions.

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