If you can’t beat them, copy them.

There really are no original ideas. Everything is copy of something else. The features may have improved. The usability might be better. The function being served is probably still the same. As an entrepreneur you may go through times where you can’t figure out how to get traction. Maybe you can’t get your sales going. Maybe your marketing isn’t working. Maybe your finances never seem to make sense. Whatever it is, you might be well served to find another company or entrepreneur that appears to be doing something really well and copy them. You can take someone else’s idea and make it better. You can take someone else’s idea and execute on it better. You can take someone else’s idea and use it to come up with your own.

Today’s big news is that Walmart is going to copy Amazon’s Prime service and look to beat them at their own game. While not official, there has been some chatter that Walmart is looking to offer customers a yearly membership called Walmart + where perks such as text message ordering will be available. It is expected that additional perks such as discounts on drugs and gasoline will help Walmart beat Amazon in categories that Amazon is not well positioned to compete in. Walmart has is looking to leverage its strengths, including its bricks and mortar infrastructure, to win more e-commerce marketshare and instead of reinventing the wheel, they are following Amazon in hopes of getting ahead of them in the future.

Are you struggling right now to get traction in some area of your business? Are you frustrated that you can’t figure out how to connect the dots to get the results you want? Have you tried looking around the market, even into other markets not related to your business, for ideas? Have you seen other companies or entrepreneurs doing a great job at something that your business (or you) are struggling with? Ideas are a dime a dozen. Being able to execute on them is where the magic happens. Take some time to see what others are doing and borrow their ideas or use them as inspiration for your own. Your bottom line will thank you.

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