One day at a time

When it seems like everything is out of sorts and you can’t find your footing, remember that one thing you can get control of is your approach to your challenges. When the challenges are overwhelming you can make one decision at a time. Deal with one problem at a time. Don’t think of the next decision or the next problem just do the next best thing you know how to do. You can get upset and depressed or you can try to find opportunities by making good decisions for you and your business.

I have learned a few things along the way while working through mistakes I have made, difficult moments like the financial crisis and helping entrepreneurs who have been in tough spots. Here is my list of things I keep in mind when faced with challenging circumstances:

  1. It takes just as much effort to see the bad as the good in everything.
  2. Circumstances are what they are. You cannot change them but you can work with them.
  3. Doing nothing makes everything worse.
  4. Doing something (anything) can uncover opportunities.
  5. You won’t feel the same way you do now a year from today.

Perspective can be the catalyst you need to change the outcomes you are facing. If you can learn to pace yourself and only deal with the next decision or problem directly in front of you, you may find your overall anxiety and stress is reduced and your ability to make the most of what you have improves. Difficult moments are part of having a business and being an entrepreneur. Some moments are worse than others – but they are still moments and they will pass.

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