Where can your business be useful?

For entrepreneurs that do not find themselves in a crisis during tough times, there is always an opportunity to use the skills, talents and resources your business has to help the community it exists within. A business that has been able to generate success has usually done so through a community of customers and clients that have benefited from the products and services offered by that business. The exchange of value has allowed the business to provide meaningful work for people and increase its resources. There are times when a business can use those people and resources to bridge or support the gaps that show up during tough economic times.

In an effort to make use of their resources to assist with the current crisis, LVMH, the company behind major brands like Louis Vuitton, Fenty Beauty, and Benefit Cosmetics, will be making alcohol-based sanitizer and offering it for free to the French government which is currently experiencing shortages. In the midst of a global shortage LVMH saw an opportunity to help and is taking advantage of it.

Are you in a position to fill in some gaps in the market today? Do you have access to skills, talents and resources that the economy or community in which your business exists could benefit from. If so, consider employing them in a way that can be leveraged by other people to achieve a meaningful result. While this may not directly impact your bottom line, it does speak to the integrity and character of you and your business and is a demonstration of your interest in others succeed which does benefit your business when all is said and done.

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