Small gestures matter.

A positive gesture or action, no matter how small, can have a massive impact. In my experience, entrepreneurs can underestimate how much of a difference they can make by finding ways to support or get involved in community challenges, problems and opportunities. When an entrepreneur has had a measure of success they haven’t done it on their own. They have done it with customers, staff, vendors and partners that may, at some point, require some input or help. Gestures that are not monetary tend to resonate well with those that really need them. Monetary gestures work as well but they tend not to have the same impact as an entrepreneur that makes their time and resources available for others to benefit from.

Two kids meals for every one adult meal ordered online or through the Burger King mobile app is an example of a small gesture that matters to those that need it. Restaurant Brands, which also owns the Popeyes and Tim Hortons brands, has been working with franchise owners on a case by case basis to figure out how they can help during this difficult economic moment. In the midst of an uncertain market, Restaurant Brands is taking the steps it can to use its people and resources to support the local community and broader economy.

Don’t overthink or overlook the impact you can make as an entrepreneur. If your business has access to resources that can be repurposed or used in a manner that provides others with a benefit, you may be surprised at the results they can have.

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