The sun will rise tomorrow

Knowing a storm is coming and being in the middle of it are not the same thing. When you see a storm coming in your business you can take steps to prepare for it only to find that your steps were wholly insufficient when your business is being pounded from all angles. The best you can do as an entrepreneur is to make decisions as they are in front of you until such time as the storm subsides or until you become somewhat comfortable within it.

The past week was probably the first week where many entrepreneurs came face to face with a storm that they either had not anticipated or did not realize was going to be as significant as it turned out to be. Drops in sales and layoffs were just two of the many different challenges that entrepreneurs had to wrestle with as they handled a barrage of issues that no one could have been properly prepared for. Within a few days, many businesses were stripped down to their core and probably reached the bottom. The question now is: how long will they stay at the bottom and can an entrepreneur hold on long enough.

Over the coming days and weeks the storm will subside and we will all be left looking around at the pieces we have left in our hands. What will you do with them? Will you put them together and rebuild or will you decide to call it a day and maybe help another entrepreneur rebuild their business. Rested assured, the sun will rise tomorrow and we will all have another chance to make new decisions. What will yours be?

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