(4/5) Where can you find what you need?

By definition (my definition) an entrepreneur or business owner’s job is to bring people and resources together to solve a problem in the market. Part of being able to do that job well is to know where to find what you need. In order to find what you need you have to identify the specific needs that your business has right now and then spend time figuring out where to find the help. When the pressure is on, an entrepreneur or business owner needs to know how to react and then how to be proactive in getting their business access to the people and resources that will ensure their business moves forward.

A huge benefit associated with the current work from home (WFH) trend is that there is a huge market of freelancers and independent contractors that can fill in the specific gaps that your business may have. Utilizing freelancers and independent contractors can save your business money and can deliver what you need quickly without requiring much oversight. Some of the websites that are worth looking at if your business needs help include:

Freelancers and contractors can help your business with specific marketing, sales and accounting tasks. While they not be a permanent option, they are an option worth considering if you have time to fill in the gaps that your business has so when the market is ready, your business will be as well.

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