(2/5) How do you engage with your greatest asset?

Human nature says that we (including entrepreneurs) will take the path of least resistance. When it comes to customers there can be a tendency to actively engage with them when a sale is imminent and engage less actively when there is not. This is not the best strategy for ensuring your business is set up for success. At a minimum, you want to ensure that you are consistently engaging with your greatest asset – your customers – so that your business stays top of mind with them and positions your business ahead of any other competitor that might be looking to take your next opportunity.

Consistency is not the same as frequency. Frequency is the number of interactions your business has with its customer and prospect base. Consistency represents completing regular functional, practical and achievable interactions with your customers and prospects. Your business needs to do both well but one comes before the other. Before you can increase the frequency of your engagements you want to make sure your business can be consistent in how it conducts them.

There is an amount of time that your customers and prospects require before engaging with your products and services. To the extent that your business can increase the engagement customers and prospects have with your business, the shorter the time period required for your next opportunity. If your business is not shortening the time period required, your competitors might be doing it for you. Engaging with your greatest asset can be the easiest strategy your business employs to create consistency and profitability.

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