How to have the hard conversations

Everyone has a different way of dealing with difficult circumstances. One of the keys to getting through a difficult time is to be honest about the challenges you are facing and the people that your actions (or inaction) may be impacting. In your business you have creditors, staff, the government and other people that depend upon your decisions. If your business is in a tough spot it might be worth considering that communication and expediency are great attributes to have if you don’t want prolonged anxiety and stress. Getting in front of problems early can save you additional problems that may come up later if you choose to wait to have difficult conversations.

So how do you talk with people that are going to be impacted by the negative circumstances your business is having? One strategy is to be upfront and honest. People usually just want to know the truth so they can make decisions confidently. Their ability to deal with their problems relies on your ability to deal with yours. The initial conversations may not be as pleasant as you would like however it sure beats delaying the conversations and having to be stressed out every day. People appreciate honesty and in business that type of approach can generate goodwill which often times will help you get a better result down the road when you may need to use it.

Are there hard conversations you should be having right now? Get ahead of the tough conversations by having them sooner rather than later.

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