Mondays are the best

I use to hate Sundays. More specifically Sunday evenings. I would begin to think of all of the outstanding tasks and issues I would be faced with come Monday morning and would being feeling the anxiety creeping into my chest. Once Monday morning hit I would have a running list of things to do, people to speak with and issues to address usually in my notebook (that I still carry around with me today), and I would somehow get through Monday but realized I need to do something different to get myself sorted out.

I am currently using Microsoft Planner which is part of the Office 365 suite. It’s not perfect but because I have plans for each of the businesses I manage, I find that Planner allows me to see both my tasks and overall calendar for the week. For each business I have a Planner set-up with tasks that are scheduled throughout the week and month. Each Sunday I take a look at what I have planned and look ahead to the following weeks in the month to see if I can consolidate or re-arrange items in a way that helps me free up my time.

I have learned that being organized is half the battle to making sure I can make the most of the time I have. I now hit Mondays head on and look forward to each week as I have learned to control my time instead of letting my time control me.

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