Why bother?

I enjoy a tremendous amount of freedom. Every day I get to do the things I want to do but even in the middle of all my freedom I have days where I wonder: “Is this worth it?” I find I have days every now and then where the volume of noise and issues wears me down. Generally speaking it’s not tasks that I have friction with but rather the people I am leading. Not everyone I work with has the same vested interest in the outcomes that I do and there are days when that disconnect gets tiring. What I have learned to do is to stop for a moment and consider the following…

I have the privilege of doing what I want to do and can easily forget that the team of people I am responsible for do not. Their days generally look and feel the same and their level of interest and enthusiasm will probably never be what mine is – but I am not the standard. I have to remind myself that people want to be engaged at some level and if I am experiencing challenges I may not be doing everything I can to create a place for them to thrive. My frustration is my feedback loop.

Being responsible for results is not as hard as being responsible for people. People are unique, have their own motivations for doing what they do and can be unpredictable. My job is to create environments where people can use their skills, knowledge and experience in a meaningful way. So why bother? Because if people are given the opportunity to maximize their value amazing outcomes happen.

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