Finding the energy

I wish it was easy. I wish the things in my head could easily be put into place. Marketing strategies would just work. Sales activities would produce amazing relationships with customers. Operations would deliver products and services seamlessly. Finance would always be up to date and helpful in providing insights about where to invest all my profits. But it’s not easy. Doing any of these things well requires constant focus and energy. So where do I find the energy?

I’ve heard it said that you have to be prepared to outwork the every one else you are competing with. Both Mark Cuban and Michael Jordan (and I am sure countless others) provide this answer to any one who asks them about their success. For me, finding the energy to keep going is partly based on my stubborn personality but also based on measuring my results through the work and not the results. As far as I am concerned, the results are simply a way to keep score but the work is where the magic happens. If you enjoy the work the energy will always be there.

Whenever I find that I don’t have any energy I take time to reconsider how I am spending my days and what exactly I am doing. If there are tasks that I don’t enjoy I look to give them to other people that do enjoy them. If there are outstanding issues that seem to be dragging on I come up with a plan for either forcing a result or agreeing to be patient while life plays out. Finding the energy is easy once you identify where or why it is disappearing.

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