Organic or ???

Do my actions and activities change the result? It’s a tricky question for an entrepreneur to answer because we tend to think that everything we do matters. I have learned that every business has an organic result it can generate without much effort based on being in the market and making its products and services available. I have found that it is important to understand what the organic results are that a business can achieve before spending time and energy on new initiatives and strategies. Not every idea is a good one and you may find yourself running in a circle.

Delivering a product or service to customers requires that an entrepreneur bolt together bits and pieces of marketing, sales, operations and finance. Without really thinking about it, an entrepreneur will hire people, buy or subscribe to software and implement whatever they think they need to in order to generate revenue. All of these decisions produce an organic result within a business. The key for any entrepreneur is to understand what their business produces without making changes and how any new initiatives being considered would improve their organic results.

No point running in a circle. Doing more of the same may not give you a different result. Take time to figure out what is working, the outcomes you are getting and what new ideas or initiatives you could take advantage of to change the results.

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