Change happens

Wouldn’t it be great if the best decisions you made were able to provide a lasting difference? Wouldn’t it be great if things stayed the same in your business? I have thought about this often and have decided that change is good. The challenges I was able to overcome through innovation and pressure have contributed to the success I now enjoy. Without change there is no opportunity for circumstances to improve. Change doesn’t always have a positive outcome but I believe that change can arc in the direction of positive outcomes over time.

There is a single rule of business I have learned never to underestimate. A business is either growing and improving or shrinking and atrophying. There really isn’t anything in between those two points. A business can experience a measure of success that will last for a period of time but won’t last indefinitely. The best entrepreneurs I have worked with are the ones that use their current success to set-up their next success. Hence change.

I wish I could rest on yesterday’s wins but I cannot. My job is to lead our team to the next victory and do to that requires change. To the extent I don’t want to change I will be stuck in yesterday.

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