Honesty happens

It’s tough sometimes to come to terms with reality. Even as an entrepreneur it can be difficult to hold out hope for the future when your current circumstances suggest there should be no hope. When I feel like I want to put on a brave face I have learned that being honest and dealing with reality is often the best course of action. In fact, when I call someone I trust and share with them the challenges I am having I find reprieve from the anxiety that builds up when I chose not to say anything to anyone.

Honesty is always the best policy – even if it might be tough. I have found that being honest with myself makes it easier to be honest with others about whatever difficulty I am facing. Sometimes I write down my thoughts in my journal that I carry around with me. Other times I send myself an email and try to articulate my circumstances to myself. Over the years I have learned not to do nothing because anxiety builds as does any stress I might have.

Do you have someone you can be honest with? Do you have opportunities to share your challenges with someone that doesn’t have a vested interest in your outcome? If you are not comfortable chatting with someone about what you are going through, you might want to start with listening to podcasts or watching videos from entrepreneurs, business owners or other individuals that were able to overcome their difficult circumstances.

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