Winning happens

When I catch a break, it tends to catch me off guard. Running a business is like running a marathon…uphill! I exert so much effort every day that when I catch a break I try to take a moment to take it in. The grind of tasks, issues and challenges can feel normal over time and any entrepreneur that has been around awhile knows the grit required to keep pushing every day. When a win comes along not only is it a welcomed reprieve from the grind, it is an opportunity to evaluate what is working.

I learned a long time ago that when I am winning the best thing I can do is to press my advantage and capitalize by setting myself up for the next win. As a first time entrepreneur, I thought winning was going to happen all the time. That was until I lost. Then lost again. Over time I realized that wins can be hard to come by and when they happen I need to examine them and use what I learn to get setup for the next one.

Are you winning right now? When was the last time you did? Do you know how to maximize your wins when they happen and leverage them into your next ones?

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