Failure happens

Failure happens

I don’t like to fail. I use to think that failure was weakness and something that I needed to try harder to be better at, stronger at. I have come to understand that failure is a feedback loop and doesn’t reflect weakness if I am able to get on my feet and keep going. Perseverance produces character and character produces hope. Failing isn’t the end result of your or my actions, but is part of the work being done to help us understand what it will take to achieve what we have set out to do.

There are times in my life when it has taken a long time to overcome failure. Being frozen or paralyzed as a result of my actions has led to a damaged ego, pride and sense of self worth. I am only capable of doing what my knowledge and experience allow me to do, but I also believe I have allowed myself to be placed into situations where my capabilities will be tested and improved.

What has failure meant for you? Has it caused you to become paralyzed and incapable of moving forward? Try repositioning the failure in your mind as something that needed to have happened in order for you to move become better.

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