Bag of gold

I believe we all have a bag of gold. Some people have one piece of gold in their bag while others may have 2 or more. Gold represents the value or currency of our talents and abilities. Each day we get the opportunity to trade our gold out in the marketplace in exchange for more. Trading involves expending effort according to our talents and abilities on activities that produce a result. The more we trade the more opportunity we have to earn a return. The less we trade the lighter our bag of gold becomes.

I think of my talents and abilities as being pieces of gold in a bag because it is a simple concept for me to understand as it relates to how I approach and spend my days. I am either interacting with others to add more gold to my bag or I am not. As entrepreneurs we have a unique opportunity to build companies and environments that help other people like customers and employees trade their gold for more. We get the opportunity to bring resources and people together where value is created. If we do this well our bag of gold has a few more pieces added to it.

Are you trading gold or sitting on it? Are the people that are working under your direction adding more gold to their bag because of your involvement or is their gold being eroded through your inability to lead them well?

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