There is always a new normal after a downturn. Watch the box office.

It can be tough to keep your head on straight when life seems to be crumbling down around you. The financial crash of 2018/2019 was a tough time for many entrepreneurs. COVID has been very difficult for many entrepreneurs. Notwithstanding the difficult moments an entrepreneur might find themselves in, a new normal always sets in after a downturn. Sometimes the new normal means more change that many can’t keep up with and sometimes the new normal sets the stage for new success. As you look around the market and evaluate your new normal, what does it look like and how will your business continue to benefit from the changes that have occurred?

A new normal is currently being established. What does a new normal mean for you?

Dylan Gallagher

Over the past few weeks, announcements have been made by movie theatres detailing the increase in revenue from tickets sales that appear to confirm what many of us already know which is people want to get back to their lives and put COVID behind them. You may recall that it wasn’t that long ago that many folks thought movie theatres would close for good and become a thing of the past. While movie theatres may not be successful in the future like they have been in the past, they are still a destination for people looking to spend an evening away from home with friends or family.

Imagine being an entrepreneur running a movie theatre over the past year or so. Circumstances looked pretty hopeless and there was no indication of when (or if) your business would ever return. If you were opportunistic, you may have found a way to barely hang on and can now benefit from the grit it took to wait out the downturn. If you were not optimistic, hopefully you closed your business as quickly as possible and are now in a position to make back the money that you lost. A new normal is currently being established. What does a new normal mean for you?

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