Sir Richard Branson captures another dream through Virgin Galactic.

Many entrepreneurs (myself included) are reminded today that we are only limited by our imaginations when it comes to realizing our dreams. Day after day we can get caught up in the details, issues and tasks that can take our minds away from pursuing our dreams. As Sir Richard Branson captures another dream through Virgin Galactic, what does this make you think about for you and your business? Do you have dreams you are pursuing?

…we will end up exactly where we plan to be.

Dylan Gallagher

Watching Sir Richard Branson deliver his speech today, after he and his team completed the first fully crewed spaceflight for Virgin Galactic, was a particularly inspiring moment as one the most successful entrepreneurs in my lifetime couldn’t quite find the words to capture all that he was feeling having realized another one of his many dreams. There is something to be said about celebrating with someone who has achieved a goal that seemed unachievable. We all need examples in our lives of people that have faced incredible odds and have achieved something meaningful to provide us with direction on how we might realize on our dreams.

Not all of us are meant to pursue outsized dreams. Some of us pursue simple dreams and some of us are unsure of how to dream. No matter your position on setting and pursuing dreams, all of us need a reminder from time to time that we will end up exactly where we plan to be. If we don’t have a plan to end somewhere, we will end up nowhere. If we plan to get somewhere, the best case scenario is that we get there or we end up in some interesting places that we may not have discovered otherwise. As entrepreneurs we should be intentional about how we use the people and resources in our businesses to pursue meaningful dreams.

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