What is the point of growing a business?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? When you consider the work required to keep a business alive, trying to figure out how to grow a business can seem impossible and pointless. Why bother growing a business when it’s hard enough to keep it going without complications and challenges? When it comes to growth, what are we really talking about? Growing revenue? Growing experience and knowledge? Growing our bottom line or the value of our assets?

Growing a business is a strategy for building security.

Dylan Gallagher

We all have our own reasons for why we started our business. We didn’t start our businesses to be failures or to waste our time (even though it can feel like that sometimes). We started businesses because we believed we could and that our businesses would help us achieve our goals. Our business is our path to our destination – whatever that might be. If we have taken all of the risk to get a business going it would seem logical that we would want to ensure its success. How does that happen? By growing. A business that is not growing is shrinking.

As entrepreneurs we need to make sure we are building a stable enterprise that won’t disappear when times get tough. We want to build businesses that provide meaningful work to people and provide solutions to problems in the market. If we are not growing our businesses then we are simply waiting for them to fail. Growth doesn’t need to be crazy or chaotic but it does need to happen. Businesses can atrophy leaving an entrepreneur in a very difficult place. Growth is the cure for a business that is slowly fading away. Even if you don’t know what to do, not taking a step in the direction of growth means you are taking your business down a path that may not end in a great place. A failed business has implications beyond the entrepreneur including people who need to find new work. Growing a business is a strategy for building security. Growing a business means having a foundation that people can count on. Growing a business is hard but the rewards far outweigh the alternative.

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