Sept 5 Update

Thanks to ZA and LV we now have a repeatable process for identifying companies that are looking to grow using OndeWorkers on a temporary basis until they find the best people to hire permanently. They will be working through another 300 prospects over the next two weeks and we expected to generate another 45 companies for MM and myself to follow-up with.

Thanks to MB we have significantly adjusted how we focus our time on new individuals signing up on our platform as OndeWorkers. Redefining what an OndeWorker is as well as clarifying the steps we can help people get through to become “engaged” OndeWorkers was refreshing and exciting because we now can see how we will be able to provide individuals with an onramp to permanent employment with companies that are looking to grow. Still a lot of work to be done here but we are definitely moving in the right direction.

Thanks to MB for affirming our strategy shift in onboarding companies and how we can best serve them. Over the next two weeks MB and I will be refining what we do and say to help build a pipeline of companies that will be using OndeWork to help them grow their teams. Still a lot of work to be done here but our goal is to figure out how to create a repeatable process for turning qualified and interested companies into OndeWork customers. We will then show LZ and ZA how do to the same thing while they train the next two people that will prospect for us.

I had some great networking calls with folks in the industry that continue to help me understand how we need to position OndeWork and some of the blind spots we still have. We had hoped to raise some money this month but Lisa and I think it is premature and would like to see the momentum build on a repeatable basis to know that everything is working before looking to raise capital.

Lisa and I had so much fun this week and enjoy working with each of you. We have something special with OndeWork and it is already impacting people’s lives.

Have a great weekend and get rested up for another exciting week!

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