Sept 12 Update

Onde Team – another incredibly productive week. MB wins the leaderboard award!!!

Thanks to MB for working incredibly hard to quickly implement the changes I made to engage faster with new Worker sign-ups AND to manage the new “Skills/Experience” section of the Worker account. It was also another solid week for ZA and LV who have produced another round of qualified companies looking to grow using temp workers and the results mirror the previous weeks. I think they have this on lock down.

Worker Team Updates
Goal: We help workers upskill and connect with opportunities.

We now complete the Welcome Call with new Worker sign-ups after they register. We were doing this after they connected their bank account but discovered we were missing a lot of opportunity. Thanks to MB, we have fixed this and saw some incredible results this week.

We are using the Welcome Call to help Workers understand what OndeWork can do for them. This was not something we were doing previously as we didn’t realize there was a need to provide an overview of our Goal.

We released a “Skills/Experience” section of the Worker account that allows us to track and manage the soft skills that a Worker has so we are in a better position to help Job Owners with their requests.

We are using the Stripe connection to ensure we can verify the identity of our Workers AND make sure they can get paid when they complete a Job. We are discovering some challenges that this step is bringing and made some significant strides with three (3) days to improve the results. This coming week will give us a chance to improve it even further. Our goal is NOT to have every Worker who signs up connect a bank account and verify their identity. Our goal is to have the interested Workers connect their bank account and verify their identity. This means there will always be a percentage of sign-ups that go through our steps while many will decide not to.

Job Owners Team Updates
Goal: We help companies grow their team using temporary OndeWorkers

Thanks to MM, ZA and LZ were able to understand how they can refine and improve their prospecting calls and how to ensure only qualified Job Owners are making their way into HubSpot for further follow-up.

MB and I are figuring out when the best time to follow-up is based on feedback and engagement.

We have identified two (2) types of Job Owners. The first group is interested in using OndeWork AND knows how many workers they would like to hire in the next 3 – 6 months. The second group is interested in using OndeWork and does NOT know how many workers they would like to hire in the next 3 – 6 months. For Job Owners in the first group, MM and I are creating “Deals” in Hubspot to track and manage them (feel free to check this out in Hubspot for yourself). For Job Owners in the second group, we will be marketing to them once a month and monitoring their interactions with us so we can decide how to best build a relationship with them.

For our Deals, beginning the week after next, MB, MM and I will be spending some time on Tuesday mornings to manually review our Job Owners and Workers to see how we can begin to match them up. Over time we automate this step but we need to learn the behaviours and the organic path that both Job Owners and Workers are taking.

By the end of next week, ZA and LZ would have contact 600 prospective Job Owners!!!
Within the next two weeks, MM and I will have learned our sales cycle including how long it takes and what we need to do to get our first Job posting from new Job Owners

General Updates
Goal: Do we have a business model that works on a repeatable and predictable basis?

We are hyper focused on Calgary right now and by the end of October we will be in a position to approach the Edmonton market using our learnings and experience.

I have made some great connections inside the local Ukrainian community and OndeWork was featured yesterday in an email thread that is distributed weekly to decision makers in the Ukrainian community. I learned a lot this week about what is happening inside of this community and what opportunities exist to work with them including the sponsorship of their next career fair which happens in mid-October

I am focused in the coming few days at understanding how we can incorporate text messaging into HubSpot as I am using it for my sales follow-up and having great success. If we can add texting to our toolkit, I believe we will improve our overall communication with both Workers and Job Owners

Lisa and I enjoyed this past week and it’s pretty hard to argue with the last two weeks of work and results. It seems to me that within the next two weeks we should have a pretty good handle on what our basic business model looks like, how we talk about it and how we are able to generate profitable results for everyone.

Thanks so much for your work and input this week – take the next few days to relax and catch your breath as I think this coming week will be a busy one!


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