Sept 19 Update

Onde Team – Thanks for all of your help this week!

Worker Team Updates
Goal: We help workers upskill and connect with opportunities.

  • we paused our advertising for most of the week as MB was working through the backlog of sign-ups and helping onboard new Workers
  • we had a great response for availability which we have struggled with and even though the numbers are lower than we would like, we have a repeatable process that will help us scale our sign-ups when the time comes
  • going forward into the next few weeks, we will be looking to understand how to we line-up specific Workers with specific Job Owners that have let us know how many they are looking for and the requirements they are hoping we can meet 

Job Owners Team Updates

Goal: We help companies grow their team using temporary OndeWorkers

  • we had another great week of predictable qualified companies from both Lizette and ZA
  • we had new Jobs posted from old leads that MB has been following up with and our goal for this coming week is to see about getting jobs posted from LV and ZA’s efforts
  • we learned that we have some work to do in helping Job Owners post their first job with a bit of direction and the ability to turn away Job Owners that simply not a good fit for our platform
  • we had 1 Job Owner prove to be very difficult as he was not comfortable with our process (credit card, etc.) and had another Job Owner zip through it like it was nothing (deleted and reposted a job after he realized he made a mistake)
  • we have to focus our efforts on the Job Owners that want our help and want to grow their business using our platform. It’s hard to turn away business but sometimes its necessary.
  • MM and I will be working this week to finalize our list of companies that have told us how many Workers they would like to add to their teams in the next 3-6 months so we can sit with MB and begin understanding how to connect the dots
  • we haven’t figured out the best way to ask for the first job posting and will work through some different variations this week in hopes of seeing some new jobs posted

General Updates
Goal: Do we have a business model that works on a repeatable and predictable basis?

  • the next month will help us understand our marketing cycle as we are sending out updates to Workers, Job Owners that are long term prospects as well as Job Owners that have told us their Worker requirements
  • With the 3 different marketing pieces going out next week, MB will be watching to see how many and which Workers engage while MM/Dylan will be watching to see how many and which Job Owner engage
  • The engagements will be tracked and will help us understand who we need to be following up with

Thanks again for all of your efforts this week.


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