Sept 26 Update

Onde Team – Thanks for your help this week!

LZ was able to add some new companies to our qualified prospects list and ZA was sick this week but was able to work on a new strategy I have asked him to help with. He has been looking up companies on Indeed (a job posting website) and found 100 companies that are currently hiring “General Labourers” and will be calling them using our sales script. I am interested to see how this works out next week.

Worker Team Updates
Goal: We help workers upskill and connect with opportunities.

  • MB continues to refine our onboarding process and we are quite happy with how many workers are making themselves available and following the steps
  • We have one company that is looking for 6 workers and this will most likely take up most of MB’s time this coming week
  • We have another prospective company that could use up to 20 workers and MB will be contacting them to see if we can help them
  • We introduced a “Welcome Page” that a new worker sees when they sign-up and we are hoping that this helps move a few of them to the next step ahead of MB’s Welcome Call

Job Owners Team Updates
Goal: We help companies grow their team using temporary OndeWorkers

  • Not a great week for contacting and following up with Job Owners as a result of schedules and MM making the decision to leave the team for awhile
  • We have introduced a Job Owner Profile that is the beginnings of matching up Workers and Job Owners
  • Over the next week I will be creating about a dozen profiles for Job Owners that LZ and ZA have found and we’ll see how we can begin asking them to post jobs for the OndeWorkers we have in our system

General Updates
Goal: Do we have a business model that works on a repeatable and predictable basis?

  • Our challenge continues to be working with prospective Job Owners to have them post their first Job and this will be our focus over the month of October
  • We are small so it doesn’t take much to create a large result – it will be an exciting few weeks

Enjoy your weekend and I look forward to chatting with everyone next week!


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