Oct 24 Update

Onde Team –

It continues to be an all or none schedule. We are either all out dealing with issues or nothing is going on. So goes the life of a start-up!

Worker Team Updates
Goal: We help workers upskill and connect with opportunities.

We were able to see new workers sign up this week as we finally sorted out Facebook after having lost our account access at Indeed. While not totally surprising as we knew that Indeed was a temporary solution, we used to build our onboarding process, it still was nice to see that Facebook and Kijiji have picked up the difference. Still not sure what happened with Indeed – maybe we will never know (lol). With the introduction of Facebook, we do need to close the gap quicker with showing new sign-ups what skills or tickets Job Owners are looking for and I hope to have this in place for the coming week. MB did a great job sorting out some of the missed hours for existing jobs and now that we know to invoice separately through Stripe for these instances, we can add this functionality to the Job Owner profile in the next little while.

Job Owners Team Updates
Goal: We help companies grow their team using temporary OndeWorkers

Unfortunately, MB spent her time this week dealing with a new Job Owner who had paid for a job last week and for a series of unrelated circumstances, three workers were not able to fulfill this job request. The Job Owner even had a chance to speak with them on the phone but life happens and I don’t think we will see this Job Owner again any time soon. While frustrating it is part of the learning curve and it also didn’t help that we didn’t have any newer workers available as our sign-ups didn’t begin again until late in the week.

We were able to send out the monthly update to Job Owners and saw some engagement which now allows us to follow-up with specific individuals to see if we can help them with upcoming work.

ZA has decided to take a break from OndeWork for a while and I have interviewed a few people for his replacement. I have heard back from one of them and hope to have them engaged midweek as it is a long (long) weekend in the Philippines right now. I am eager to see how the new prospecting strategy works of creating Job Owner Profiles immediately as we haven’t had a chance to try it yet given LZ and ZA’s schedules.

As we come to the end of October, we continue to learn quite a bit and going in to November I remain hopeful that we will be able to secure one or two companies that will agree to use OndeWork on a consistent basis. This continues to be my prioirty.

Have a great weekend and thanks for your help.


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