Oct 31 Update

Onde Team –

This past week was officially the transition to winter with all of the snow we have received! I imagine this will have an impact on the types of workers and job owners that will be interested in using our platform. I think we should consider moving to warehouse and cleaning jobs outside of the potential pilot programs we are pursuing.

Worker Team Updates
Goal: We help workers upskill and connect with opportunities.

Seems to be a bit touch and go with registrations. We have crossed over 350 total worker registrations and have been able to provide shifts for just over 10% of that pool (or 38). It costs us approximately $10 per worker sign-up but the cost per worker that gets into a job is $92. We are able to recover our cost per worker of $92 on their first job so which is a good thing and as reviewed this week, it seems that we need to be able to place a worker with 1-3 days of their sign-up or we exponentially lose their interest. Our current focus is to shorten the amount of time between sign-up and placement which requires have a list of jobs that we can quickly offer to new sign-ups.

Job Owners Team Updates
Goal: We help companies grow their team using temporary OndeWorkers

It was a good week for the job owner side of business as we had another job posted with a company that will use us as long as we have workers. They were offering $20 per hour which is a great pay rate but we had a terrible week for weather which I believe discouraged some folks from taking the work. We had another company post a $17 job which most likely will not be filled but if we can work with them to increase their hourly rate I believe we will be able to help them and they most likely will continue to use us.

I was finally able to meet with Bill Black of the Calgary Construction Association who took some time to understand what we are doing and offered to introduce us to two (2) larger companies that would be perfect candidates for a pilot program where they would continuously take OndeWorkers to fill their weekly labour needs. Bill was also willing to make an introduction to the Edmonton Construction Association depending on the results of the local introductions. This is very promising and will be a significant milestone for us if we can secure one or both of the companies.

I will continue to create Job Owner Profiles and look to have us hit 200 before the end of the month. We are currently at 153 and are seeing activity from about 10% of them as measured by the click-through rate into their profile. I will be giving a list of engaged job owners as measured through Hubspot criteria to an overseas outbound caller who will be making calls to see if they have upcoming work. The update that went out last week to job owners had a 23% click-through rate which I think is fairly good.

We chatted this week about MB’s role in continuing full time past the end of the month as we are not yet breaking even financially. We are close but with December approaching we may see a slowdown which doesn’t end until the first or second week of January. We agreed that we would revisit her role on the 15th of this month to see how we best move forward even if that means reducing hours over December to coincide with her vacation and maybe bringing the hours back in the New Year. We know that Onde is working on a small scale and now we have to figure out how to manage our cash so we can grow. I have begun some preliminary work on finding cash but still think we should bootstrap our platform until the New Year. We are so close to break-even!

It was great to hear MB acknowledge that a start-up is not without its highs and lows and she continues to remain positive about how we continue to move forward to make OndeWork a success. I am very grateful for her help and fortitude.

Stay warm as this week is going to be another tough one!

Thanks for your help 🙂


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