Nov 21 Update

Onde Team – 

We crossed a milestone this week having seen shift number 300 being completed by OndeWorkers! It took 9 months to achieve and as with any start-up, the next 300 should take less than that. It should be noted that we really only began working in a focused direction since the beginning of September and have achieved some pretty remarkable progress. Incidentally, 300 shifts were completed by more than 30 people who were able to earn income through OndeWork which is a great milestone as well. I am excited to see how many more people can benefit from using OndeWork.

Worker Updates

Goal: We help workers upskill and connect with opportunities.

It looks like we can continue to expect a few workers sign-ups each week who are ready to take an OndeJob once it becomes available. MB has done a great job onboarding new sign-ups. Going into next week, our organic social media strategy launches with 2-3 posts daily on Facebook and Instagram where we will use posts to tell our story to individuals in Calgary looking for work. For the posts that generate the most traffic, we will spend a small amount of money to “boost” them in hopes of increasing our reach. I am looking forward to seeing if we can generate some sign-ups through organic content.

Job Owner Updates

Goal: We help companies grow their team using temporary OndeWorkers

Similar to the worker side, I have been slowly increasing our organic LinkedIn posts and going into next week I should be able to get us up to 2-3 posts per day with the goal of having small business owners learn more about how we can help them find the people they need. I am looking forward to having new Job Owners sign-up through our organic marketing strategy with a small amount of money being spent to “boost” the posts that receive the most traffic. This coming week we will be sending out our monthly Job Owner update with a focus on having them access their Profile and/or follow us on LinkedIn which should help as well.

General Updates

As we go into December, my focus is to increase the amount of social media traffic that we receive. We have a rough outline of a content strategy and because of our paid ads in the past, we have some social media audiences that we can continue to re-market to which should help us build some traction. My goal is to see if we can get workers and companies to sign-up through an organic content strategy. This is all being done in anticipation of January, where we will begin our outbound cold calling strategy which worked well for us in September.

The basic premise for OndeWork has been proven and now the challenge is to build up a two-sided marketplace without one side getting too far ahead of the other. I think the best mix right now world be one new company sign-up each week that can post 1-2 jobs per month and 4-6 new workers sign-up each week that are available to complete the jobs.

Thanks for your help this week!


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