Your financial statements in 15 minutes

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Having a basic understanding of your financial statements can have a profound impact on how you see your business and the decisions you make. Tune in today to discover some simple rules of thumb to follow.


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Bag of gold

I believe we all have a bag of gold. Some people have one piece of gold in their bag while others may have 2 or more. Gold represents the value or currency of our talents and abilities. Each day we get the opportunity to trade our gold out in the marketplace in exchange for more. Trading involves expending effort according to our talents and abilities on activities that produce a result. The more we trade the more opportunity we have to earn a return. The less we trade the lighter our bag of gold becomes.

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Failure happens

Failure happens

I don’t like to fail. I use to think that failure was weakness and something that I needed to try harder to be better at, stronger at. I have come to understand that failure is a feedback loop and doesn’t reflect weakness if I am able to get on my feet and keep going. Perseverance produces character and character produces hope. Failing isn’t the end result of your or my actions, but is part of the work being done to help us understand what it will take to achieve what we have set out to do.

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