OndeWork.com is an idea on what the future of work could look like. Workers and companies trying each other on a temporary basis until a permanent decision is made. Companies can instantly hire workers for 1 to 5 day jobs.

  • Nov 21 Update
    Onde Team –  We crossed a milestone this week having seen shift number 300 being completed by OndeWorkers! It took 9 months to achieve and as with any start-up, the next 300 should take less than that. It should be noted that we really only began working in a focused direction since the beginning of … Continue reading Nov 21 Update
  • Nov 14 Update
    Onde team – I missed sending out an update for last week as it was a strange week of making adjustments and writing code to assist with our job owner marketing strategy. I am pleased to report that we have provided companies with the ability to create a profile and immediately see the available OndeWorkers … Continue reading Nov 14 Update
  • Oct 31 Update
    Onde Team – This past week was officially the transition to winter with all of the snow we have received! I imagine this will have an impact on the types of workers and job owners that will be interested in using our platform. I think we should consider moving to warehouse and cleaning jobs outside … Continue reading Oct 31 Update
  • Oct 24 Update
    Onde Team – It continues to be an all or none schedule. We are either all out dealing with issues or nothing is going on. So goes the life of a start-up! Worker Team UpdatesGoal: We help workers upskill and connect with opportunities. We were able to see new workers sign up this week as … Continue reading Oct 24 Update
  • Oct 17 Update
    Onde Team! It was a week of finishing up some work with Job Owners that took a few weeks longer than I anticipated. We didn’t get to see LZ or ZA contribute this week due to other commitments they had but both of them have suggested that they will be re-engaged in prospecting for new … Continue reading Oct 17 Update
  • Oct 10 Update
    Onde Team –  It was a short week but was still very busy. As a small team there always seems to be more tasks to be completed than what we have time to do. We either have too much to do in a short period of time or nothing to do…lol Worker Team Updates Goal: … Continue reading Oct 10 Update
  • Oct 3 Update
    Onde Team –  A busy week of catching up on the prospecting calls made by LZ and ZA. With MM no longer helping out I had the opportunity to make the follow-up calls and learn more about how we can work faster with Job Owners. I took the Job Owner Profile from last week’s update … Continue reading Oct 3 Update
  • Sept 26 Update
    Onde Team – Thanks for your help this week! LZ was able to add some new companies to our qualified prospects list and ZA was sick this week but was able to work on a new strategy I have asked him to help with. He has been looking up companies on Indeed (a job posting website) … Continue reading Sept 26 Update
  • Sept 19 Update
    Onde Team – Thanks for all of your help this week! Worker Team UpdatesGoal: We help workers upskill and connect with opportunities. Job Owners Team Updates Goal: We help companies grow their team using temporary OndeWorkers General UpdatesGoal: Do we have a business model that works on a repeatable and predictable basis? Thanks again for all … Continue reading Sept 19 Update
  • Sept 12 Update
    Onde Team – another incredibly productive week. MB wins the leaderboard award!!! Thanks to MB for working incredibly hard to quickly implement the changes I made to engage faster with new Worker sign-ups AND to manage the new “Skills/Experience” section of the Worker account. It was also another solid week for ZA and LV who … Continue reading Sept 12 Update
  • Sept 5 Update
    Thanks to ZA and LV we now have a repeatable process for identifying companies that are looking to grow using OndeWorkers on a temporary basis until they find the best people to hire permanently. They will be working through another 300 prospects over the next two weeks and we expected to generate another 45 companies … Continue reading Sept 5 Update