You need a personal guarantee? No way!

Imagine for a moment that someone approaches you and asks if you would be willing to lend them money.  They proceed to tell you all about the venture and the enormous amounts of money they are going to make as a result of securing money from you in the form or a mortgage or loan.  They continue to tell you that notwithstanding nobody knows the future, their venture is a sure bet guaranteed to make them profit and riches beyond their wildest dreams and Continue reading “You need a personal guarantee? No way!”

Personal Guarantees – do I really need to provide one?

If you have never had a commercial mortgage or business loan or have had very few, providing a personal guarantee may be something that you are naturally uncomfortable to do. However, non-recourse mortgages and loans where a bank or lender agrees to provide you with money and not ask for a personal guarantee are hard to come by. Continue reading “Personal Guarantees – do I really need to provide one?”