Does your business need cash…NOW

Does your business need cash now? Most small and medium sized businesses have a constant need for cash because when they invoice a customer for a product or service, the customer can take a long time to pay which results in reduced cash flow.
Factoring or accounts receivable financing has been around for a long time and  has been used by many businesses to address their cash flow problems.  Continue reading “Does your business need cash…NOW”

Two businesses, same challenge

We were approached recently by two businesses that were looking to restructure their existing financing to save interest and improve cash flow. In one case a business had used unsecured debt to finance renovations to his business properties resulting in double digit interest rates. In the other case, a business owner with substantial net income has an opportunity to purchase another business property and his bank can’t seem to understand the various parts of his existing business. Both businesses were not able to talk to their bank about their situations and we were able to understand their need and get them the options that made sense. If you want to discuss your situation, please send me an email at or visit