Execution is everything and here’s proof

What if your business never existed – would anyone care? What if you never took that idea you had and pursued it relentlessly to form a business that is now delivering value to the market? In listening to the first ever TWIST episode I was reminded that execution is arguably the only thing that matters if you are trying to start a new business or grow your existing business. As an entrepreneur or business owner if you are having trouble executing then it’s probably fair to say that you are either having trouble with your finances, managing your time or maybe both. Need some motivation to get focused again? Read on. Continue reading “Execution is everything and here’s proof”

One year later…


mlenow.ca v2.0

It has already been a year since mlenow.ca was launched and I am pleased to announce that it has been given a new look and has been re-launched thanks to the folks at TalonX (thanks Nick – www.talonx.com).  While there is still a tonne of work to be done and a never ending wish list of changes to be made we are excited about the coming year and the prospects that mlenow.ca will bring.  We have some exciting partnerships to announce (stay tuned) and would hope that you would connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and YouTube to see what we are up to and how you might be a part of our story.

For those of you that have been paying attention, mlenow.ca was created out of a desire to help people and businesses do more.  Conventional methods for sourcing Continue reading “One year later…”

Equipment leasing – things you always wanted to know

Have you ever wondered about what is involved in leasing (or financing) equipment?  I chatted with Danilo (Dan) Terra of Leasex Financial this morning and we covered lots of ground.  Dan is quite optimistic about the current economy here in Alberta and is excited to see the growth that is happening with his clients.  Having been an ex-banker Dan has been able to become a specialist in equipment leasing and financing and he shares his opinions, thoughts and advice on our Google Hangout.

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Why wasn’t I approved?

I talk about this often but it’s always good to repeat valuable pieces of information – especially if it saves someone from wasting their time.  One of the biggest misconceptions people have is that their bank has their interests in mind.  I am not saying that banks do not care about their clients but I do think it is important for people to know that banks are businesses not charities.  As such they have a business plan, target customer types, sales goals, profit margins, etc. which all attribute to their ability to help someone looking to borrow money.  Many people think that just because they know their banker they can ask for whatever they want and if the bank says no that they have no other options.  Here is how it really works.

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