Risk taker, caretaker or undertaker

I was on YouTube the other day watching Rick Warren speak at a conference for church leaders (as an aside, if you don’t know who Rick Warren is you might want to learn more. Rick Warren wrote The Purpose Driven Life – now titled What on Earth am I here for? – which became the bestselling hardback non-fiction book in history, and is the second most-translated book in the world, after the Bible) and as he was speaking I was struck by a comment he made that I think is applicable to business owners.

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Wow – this is not only innovative but really pushes the envelope


From time to time I read a great article (defined by me to be innovative and creative) and feel the need to share it.  For those of you who are aware of Uber this article may be of interest to you.  For those of you who do not know of Uber you should know that they have been disrupting the taxi industry in a big way.  They built a platform for people who need a ride and for people who can provide the ride they need.  The cost is more than that of a taxi but the experience is apparently incomparable as the owners of the car get rated for the service they provide meaning you are able to get a “private driver” as you need it without paying the full time wage of a driver.  As a result of not only their popularity but also their expansion they are now looking at helping 100,000 entrepreneurs get onto their platform in countries around the world (see “Financing 100,000 Entrepreneurs“).

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That moment when someone asks “can you afford it”

I had breakfast today with a colleague who is in the commercial industrial sales/leasing market and we were talking about that moment he has with clients when they do a gut check about financing.  He gave me some examples of clients that take months to consider a real estate transaction only to get to a point where then have to answer questions like: Continue reading “That moment when someone asks “can you afford it””

For all my talk of innovation, this Calgary company walks the talk

I attended a panel discussion breakfast earlier this week that including a senior banker, an ABL specialist and an individual who is the President and CEO of Calgary based Alaris Royalty Corp.  The discussion was around debt, the market, government regulation and the ability of companies to access the debt they need.  It was interesting having Alaris included in the mix as they are not a debt lender per se but certainly offer companies the capital they need in a very interesting structure.   Continue reading “For all my talk of innovation, this Calgary company walks the talk”

The cost of tomorrow – how much is it?

I am once again reminded this week of how procrastination has a real dollar cost to a business.  I recently spent time doing some work for a client that had less than 120 days to arrange for some senior debt that would be used to payout some private debt that was put into the company when it was started.  Aside from the accounting work  Continue reading “The cost of tomorrow – how much is it?”

Does your business need cash…NOW

Does your business need cash now? Most small and medium sized businesses have a constant need for cash because when they invoice a customer for a product or service, the customer can take a long time to pay which results in reduced cash flow.
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You get what you pay for

“Good work ain’t cheap and cheap work ain’t good”

Isn’t the only saying true – you get what you pay for.  This is especially true when using a broker.  Most brokers that help you find financing earn a commission for successfully finding you the money you need.  Because you don’t pay them like you would any other professional you may be less impressed with the level of service delivered.  The reason is simple – if you are not paying someone to look after your interests chances are very good that they are taking care of their own interests at your expense.   Continue reading “You get what you pay for”

Cash is still king

I visited with a client this past week that has managed to keep his business afloat and is now seeing the fruits of hard decisions that he had to make such as refocusing, cutting expenses and micro managing costs. We met because his business is still using every penny of cash that comes in and he is not able to produce excess cash to make strategic investments for his business. In past postings I have spoken about factoring Continue reading “Cash is still king”