It’s a sad day when you learn of a #failedbusiness

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A few months back our family bought a piano from a local piano refurbisher and after making several phone calls to book an appointment to have it tuned with no response, I decided to stop by the business to see if I could speak with the owner personally. I had met him when we purchased the piano and learned that he had been in business for more than 20 years. On this particular morning when I drove up to the front door it became obvious that the business had shut its doors as the space was empty except for the sign still displayed on the front of the building. Continue reading “It’s a sad day when you learn of a #failedbusiness”

Have you ever owed more than $2,000,000…personally?


I recently listened to Sarah Lacy interview Chris Sacca who (click here) has an amazing story of triumph, failure and recovery to become a venture capitalist that has had some great wins (Instagram, Twitter, Kickstarter, and Uber to name a few).  Chris was someone who did owe more than $2,000,000 personally and opted to not claim personal bankruptcy and chose instead work through the problem.  Listen to the interview and not only will you be entertained but you will learn a lot (I apologize in advance for some of the language).

I personally know of other individuals that have made the decision to do the same thing – not walk away from a problem but use the problem as a catalyst for solving the problem.   Continue reading “Have you ever owed more than $2,000,000…personally?”